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This essay is like a recount of how technology has been important for our lives, as the technology advances in man also advances in their ideas and their competences that in the future we will see more favored.
We live in an age where the key to success is change, it is constant and often more accelerated than we can assimilate. Those who are alert to change and willing to become involved will have the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to carry them out.

Technology is here to stay and make life easier, interesting and fun. With its effective use we can control time, space and distance. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčimproving is the essential point in the development of skills for the effective management of technology, increasing and incorporating new things and being able to react to new situations. If used properly it can make of humanity an entity that works to improve our world, for example, communication systems bring us closer and give us the opportunity to know, to help and to share. These serve as instruments to make the small world within our reach and at the same time expand our personal world. Knowing the experiences of others, we will be in the position of copying or avoiding them to our advantage.

For the 50s (time I came to this world), technology was not available to everyone, now we can enjoy it and benefit from it. The technological advance, the speed with which things change, makes your senses adjust and you enter the race, you can not be a spectator, you have to participate so that you do not fall behind. For me it is a challenge, I do not understand everything, but I do take care of orientation and practice. It is a pleasure to see how my children use these tools as something very natural. Thanks to this technology the family can keep in touch and for the time that saves us in some tasks, we can spend more time together. I was not born with the gift of painting or drawing, but I can create beautiful things because someone who can do it decided to share their skills through programs that are within my reach. Technology makes my hobbies more interesting and relevant, for example, I enjoy cinema and now with these special effects, you feel part of the action and you live experiences that almost bring reality. When we visited different parks in Orlando, the experiences were wonderful because I went from the past to the future. I was very impressed to be in an earthquake and near a tornado (of course simulated), experiences to which we are exposed but we have not happened in real life. Personally, I am happy to live in this age where order is change.